New Media Design

New Media Design is a course that  focuses on the application of fundamental design principles to create user-friendly new media projects in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Students explore UI and UX design topics and gain experience with the latest design tools. Prior to this class, I had zero graphic design experience. This class allowed me to gain very valuable knowledge of how to use programs such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, as well as the basics of creating aesthetically pleasing designs.

Here are some of the projects that I am most proud of from the course.

This is from an assignment where I had to create a logo for one of my classmates. My classmate stated that she wanted me to incorporate a floral element, cursive, and pastel colors. I created the logo using Adobe InDesign.

One of my bigger and more time-intensive projects included me drafting five designs for the New Media Certificate at the University of Georgia that students receive once they graduate. This project was challenging, but fun as I got to utilize my creativity. I created these designs using Adobe Photoshop.

This is one of the five designs that I created as a layout for the New Media Certificate. I wanted the design to have a sleek look, and to incorporate UGA colors into the design.

This is the second design that I created as a layout for the New Media Certificate. I wanted this design to look more like the traditional layout of a diploma.

This is the third design that I created. I wanted to give this design more of a sophisticated look, so I used an interesting border. I also wanted the name to pop out at first glance.

For this design, I wanted to have a black background and red font-color for names. I chose the background to add a sleek feel to the certificate.

This last design was one of the more simple designs. I wanted to offer a design that was not too busy, that was was clean, and easy to read.