UGA Students Discuss Homecoming Concert Wishes

In one of my journalism class, I cover entertainment/art beats. Our most recent assignment entailed choosing a relevant UGA-related issue, and interviewing 6 strangers. I chose to interview students about who they would like to see performing at the UGA Homecoming Concert – before the school announced that DJRX would be performing. Here is the finished product.

The University of Georgia hosted its first formal homecoming event in 1922. It was a Friday evening rally that consisted of energetic speeches from coaches, team members, visiting alumni and faculty.

Now the University of Georgia dedicates a week to homecoming festivities before the big football game on Saturday.

The homecoming concert is one of the more popular weekday events.  Some students like going to the concerts regardless of who performs.

Others say they need to know who the performer is before they decide to attend the concert.

Caroline Benson is a fourth-year marketing major from Middletown, Rhode Island. “I think pop music would be good for a homecoming concert. I would pay $30 to see someone that I like.”

Roland Seim is a third-year microbiology major from Smyrna, Georgia. “Personally, I like rock music and country music, but I don’t really have any preferences. Rap is fine too.”

Temiloluwa Onafuye is a fourth-year microchemistry major from Suwanee, Georgia. “I have not been to a UGA homecoming concert before but I’d prefer a rap concert for homecoming, with somebody like Kendrick Lamar as the headliner.”

Paris Moorman is a second-year statistics major from Marietta, Georgia. “I haven’t been to a homecoming concert yet. I would like to see an R&B concert for homecoming. I’d love to see Bruno Mars.”

Maddie Marsh is a fifth-year psychology student from Statesboro, Georgia. “I have not attended a homecoming concert before. My favorite kind of music is folk music or upbeat pop music. I would like to see the Avett Brothers or Mumford and Sons.”

Ashley Carter is a second-year journalism and sociology major from Atlanta, Georgia. “I have not been to a homecoming concert before, but if the right artist comes, then I will go. I would definitely like to see a rap or hip-hop performance. We need to be excited for homecoming.”